Frequently asked questions

How do I upload an existing video?

Click on the ‘+’ button in your dashboard overview. Choose the option 'Upload excisting video'.

Upload existing recording – select your video file to create an interactive video

How do I record a video in StoryTemple?

Click on the ‘pencil’ icon in your dashboard overview.

Can I duplicate my recording?

Click on the 'documents' icon to duplicate your recording

Can I trim a video?

Yes, you can trim your video when you upload your video. Move the bar below the timeline to the specific time you would like to start and end the video.

How can I change the logo and intro of the video?

In the third step '3 Select identity' of the upload wizzard, you can add your company identity. With your company identity you add the company intro in the beginning of your video and the company logo in the bottom left corner.

Can I remove the intro of the video?

Yes. In the upload wizzard, you will find the option 'Disable intro' in the 5th step.

Is it possible to switch subtitles on and off?

Yes, if you add subtitles in the fifth step '5 Extra options' of the upload wizzard, you can remove them in the edit page '4 | Settings’.

What can I do with a template?

You can create a template of your recording by clicking on 'Create Template' in the edit wizzard '4 | Settings'. In the next video recording you can use the same settings by selecting the template in step 4 'Select template' in the upload wizzard.

How do I add a presentation to the video?

Open your PowerPoint presentation. Go to ‘Export’, select file format ‘.PNG’ and choose the slides you would like to add to your video. Click in the edit wizard ‘1 | Slides’ on the ‘+’ button, select your saved .png slide files and click on ‘Open’. Your slides are now shown in the overview.

  • Select the slide you want to add by clicking on the purple ‘+’ button.
  • Choose the preferable position of the slide with the buttons on the left.
  • Select the specific time range where the slide needs to be shown.

How do I add interactions to a video?

Go to ‘2 | Interactions’ and click on the ‘+ Add’


  • Add text with this button
  • Add a Call To Action button to link to specific pages
  • Add images from your computer
  • Add a like/dislike button so your viewers can rate your video
  • Add your name and job title to the video
  • Create the last frame in your video

When and how do I add a bulk upload?

When you have a lot of images/text/Call to action buttons, it is possible to insert them in a bulk upload. This way you will create less clicks.

  • Go to ‘2 | Interactions’ and click on the ‘+ Add’ button. Choose the ‘Bulk upload’ option, so this screen will appear. Click on the element you would like to add, choose the time range, the animation type and upload the element.
  • You can duplicate your interaction by clicking on this button
  • When all elements are added, you can click on this button.

How do I change the font style?

If you select the interaction, you will find the edit area on the right side of the screen.

  • Use this field to change the size of your font
  • Use these buttons to change the style and color of your font
  • Use this button to change the position of the text
  • Use this button to remove the font style
    In this field you can type or paste your text
  • Move the dot to change the size of the textbox
  • Choose the animation type of the textbox

How do I change the size of an interaction?

By moving the dot in this area.

Can I change the subtitles?

Go to the first step of the edit wizzar '1 | Slides'. Scroll in the timeline to the subtitles you would like to change. Click on the subtitle in your video and you are able to edit the text in that area. Click on 'Save' to insert the text in the video

Can I choose my own thumbnail?

The thumbnail is the image you see before you start the video. You can change this in the 4th step of the edit wizzard ‘4 | Settings’. Move the rectangle to scroll through your video and find the thumbnail you desire.

What are tags?

You can add specific words to the recording. This way it will be easier to search for your recording in your dashboard. You can add a max of 5 tags to your recording.

How can I share my video?

Go to ‘5 | Share’ in the edit wizzard and click on ‘Copy to clipboard’ to copy and share your video link.

Can I create a share link to test the video?

Yes, when you ‘Add sharelink’ you can use this link as a test link. Name the sharelink in the field of the blue arrow to track the correct number of clicks in the final link and in the test link.

Will the share links stay the same when changes have been made?

Yes. You do not have to create a new link when you make modifications in the video.

Can I share my video directly to social media?

Yes, with the blue surrounded buttons you can share the video on the preferable social media.

Can I embed the video on a website?

Yes, you can copy the embedding code when you click on ‘Website’ in the 5th step of the edit wizzard. The embedded code will appear. Click on ‘Copy to clipboard’.

Where can I find the analytics of the video?

Go to your dashboard and click on this icon below your recording.

What is the difference between ‘Numbers of times opened’ and ‘Numbers of times started?

1. This is the number of clicks on the shared link

2. This is the number of clicks on the play button

Can I look for analytics in a specific time range?

Yes, you can select 7, 30 or 365 days. Or you can enter a specific date range in the field below.

Can I track the clicks on a Call To Action button?

Yes. When you have multiple Call to action buttons in the video, the buttons with the number of clicks will appear in the field below.

What are the specific animation types for text fields?

An animation type lets you choose how the interaction appears on your screen.

  • Fade - this option will let the interaction fade in to your video
  • Scale - your interaction will scale in to your video
  • Box - this option makes a box design of the text with a blurry background
  • MoveUp - the letters of the text will apear upwards in your video
  • Typewriter - the letters of your text will appear consecutive

Can I create an outro?

Yes. In the end of the video you can create a ‘freeze’ frame were specific information or interactions can be added.

Go to ‘2 | Interactions’ and click on ‘Outro’. Make sure you select ‘Enable outro’ and choose a background of your preferance. You can select the elements used in your video to add in the outro.

Can I modify the subtitles?

Yes. Go to ‘1 | Slide’ in the edit wizzard and scroll to the time where subtitles are visable. If you click on the subtitle, the edit screen will appear.